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158                       MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GEIMALDI.

he felt certain his will would prompt him to conceal. As to
Bologna, his agitation alone was sufficient to announce the real
state of the fact; for, in addition to a ghastly paleness which
overspread his face, he tremhlecl so much, that in an attempt to
convey some wine to his lips, he deposited it upon his knees and
left it there, staring all the while at the gamekeeper with a most
crest-fallen visage.

" There's one thing the squire appears to have forgotten," said
Spencer, " and that is simply this—that hefore he can pursue
these fellows to the extremity of the law, he has got to find,

"True," answered Joseph; "and unless you assist me, I'm
afraid I sha'n't be able to do that. I suppose, now, there are a
good many Clowns and Harlequins in London,—eh ?"

" A great many," replied Spencer.   " I am one, for instance."

" Oh !" smiled the gamekeeper, "hut it isn't you."

" That's true," said the host, composedly. " But I'll tell you
what; it is two particular Mends of mine, though, who did

Joseph exclaimed, " Indeed !" and Bologna gave Grrimaldi a
look which clearly evidenced his conviction, firstly, that
it was all up, and secondly, that it was impossible to " cut

"Friends of yours—hey?" said Joseph, ruminating. " Then I
expect you. wont assist me in finding them out ?"

" Not a bit of it," answered Spencer, " so you may go and
look among the Harlequins and Clowns yourself, and Heaven
help you! for the jokes they will play and the tricks they will
serve you will be enough to wear your heart out."

Joseph looked greatly mortified at this compassionate speech,
and, after a moment's pause, stammered out something about
"thatbeing Mr. Spencer's friends, it made a great difference."

" I'll tell you what it is, Joseph," said the landlord; "say no
more about this affair, and my two friends will pay a reasonabley by the hand and biddingneighbourhood, whichni, in " The Great Devil; or,