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;', i                   160                         MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GBIMALDI,

i                    In Jannary, 1805, they brought out at Drury a most miserable

,                    specimen of a pantomime called " Harlequin's Fireside," •which,

|                 contrary to the expectations of the company, ran till the follow-

'                ing Easter, and was received, to their great amazement, with

considerable  applause.     Mr, T. Dibdin, to whom Gfriraaldi

,                 expressed his surprise at its reception, admitted the poverty

'                 of the piece, and observed that the abilities of the actors had

'                 alone occasioned its success,   Grrimaldi says it was very kind of

' ,                Mm to say so, and thinks that perhaps it might be.   It is by no

means improbable, for similar results are not tinfrequent now-a-

,                 days.

•                   .Sadler's Wells reopened, as usual, at Easter, 1805: Grrimaldi

, ]                 and Bologna were again engaged, and the season was a very

i i                 profitable one.   "When " Harlequin's Fireside" had ceased run-

!                 ning, he did not play at Drury above half a dozen times during

' j                 the rest of the season,   The theatre closed in June, and re-

li                 opened again on the 21st of September, the performances being

j -               • " Othello" and " Lodoiska," in which latter piece Grrimaldi, Ms

i"                wife, and mother, all appeared.

'i                     On "the conclusion of the night's amusements, he had an

'' '                interview with the acting manager, which, although at first
botib. pleasing and profitable, led in less than six weeks to Ms

\                  departure from the theatre at which he had originally appeared,

>:',                 and in wMch he had constantly played, with all possible suc-

; j               " cess, for nearly four-and-twenty years.
The Bobber of Genoa ;" and for some years was Harlequin to Joe's Clown, both