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came out,—namely, "Harlequin JEsop," and " CoaandZoa, or
the Bival Indians,"—were found quite attractive enough, for the
whole period. He did not appear in any other part, even for a
single night, during the whole of his engagement.

On Sunday, March, the 30th, they packed up, and at ten
o'clock in the evening of Monday went on board the packet, in
which they had taken their berths to Holyhead, after receiving
the warmest and kindest hospitality from every person they had
encountered in Dublin. "With only one letter of introduction,
Grimaldi had found himself in the course of a few days sur-
rounded by friends whose hospitality and cordiality, not only of
profession, but of action, were beyond aU bounds: one would
invite him to dinner, and be personally affronted by his not
dining with him every day; another who wished to pay him a
similar attention, but whose dinner-hour, would have interfered
with the rehearsal, only gave up his claim upon the condition
that Ms wife and himself should dine with 'him every Sunday;
a third placed a jaunting-car at his disposal, and sent it to his
door at eleven o'clock every morning; and a fourth expected
him to meet a small party at supper regularly every night. He
had heard and read a great deal of Irish hospitality, but had
formed no conception of its extent and heartiness until he expe-
rienced its effects in his own person.

He was much struck, as most Englishmen are, by the enor-
mous consumption of whisky-punch, and the facility with which
the good folks of Dublin swallow tumbler after tumbler of it,
without any visible symptoms of intoxication. He entertained
a theory that some beverage of equal strength, to which they
were unaccustomed, would be as trying to them as their whisky-
punch was to him, (for he was always afraid of a second tumbler
of toddy,) and, with a view of putting it to the proof, gave
a little party at his lodgings on Twelfth Night, and compounded
some good strong English rum-punch, with rather more than a
dash of brandy in it. He considers that the experiment was Shorter, a, confidential servant of