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172                    MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH: GKIMAUDI.

eminently successful, asserting that one-fourth of the quantity
•which the guests would have drunk with complete impunity
had it heen their ordinary beverage, qtiite overset them; and
states with great glee, that Mr. Davis, his landlord, who could
drink his seven tumblers of whisky-punch, and go to bed after-
wards rather dull from excessive sobriety, was carried up stairs
after one tumbler of the new composition, decidedly drunk. "We
are inclined to think, however, that Mr. Davis had been taking
a few tumblers of whisky-punch in his own parlour before he
went up stairs to qualify himself for the party, and that the sue*
cess of the experiment is not sufficiently well established to
justify us in impressing it on the public mind without the addi-
tion of this trifling qualification.y; another who wished to pay him a