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declared his sorrow for what had occurred, and, as some light
reparation for the loss and wrong, proposed to assign the lease
to him. Grrimaldi under all the circumstances was extremely
glad to accede to the proposal, and cheerfully paid all the legal
expenses contingent upon the transfer.

The upshot of the matter was, that, a very short time after-
wards, he received another communication from the same land-
lord, in which he imparted the very unexpected fact, that either
party to the lease had a discretionary power of cancelling it at
that period if he thought proper, and that he intended to avail
himself of the clause, unless indeed Mr. Grrimaldi would prefer
retaining the house at an advanced rent, which he was at liberty
to do if he pleased. An inspection of the deed proved but too
clearly that this statement was correct; so the eighty-four
pounds were lost, together with the legal charges for the assign-
ment of the lease and the costs of the execution; andthehurden
of an increased rent was imposed upon the unlucky tenant into
the bargain.

His old articles at Sadler's Wells expiring this year, he
entered into a fresh engagement, tinder which he bound himself
to that theatre for three years, at a weekly salary of twelve
pounds and two clear benefits. The pantomime produced at
Easter was entitled, " Harlequin and the Porty Virgins," and
proved remarkably successful, running indeed through the
whole of the season. In this piece he sang a song called "Me
and my J^eddy," which afterwards became highly popular, and
was in everybody's mouth. Several presents were made to him
by admirers of his performance, and, among others, a very
handsome watch, the face of which was so contrived as to repre-
sent a portrait of himself in the act of singing the romantic ditty
just mentioned.

AH this season the pantomime was played first, which arrange-
ment released him at half-past eight o'clock, thus affording him
an opportunity, which he enjoyed for the first time in his life, ofof brandy in it. He considers that the experiment was Shorter, a, confidential servant of