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180                       MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GBU1ALDI.

performances commenced (although in this case many eminent
literary men and critics of the time held the same opinion); and
"The Honey Moon" lay neglected on the manager's shelf for
many years, it "being considered impossible that an audience
would he found to sit out its representation.

Grimaldi's opinion of Mother Groose—it may or may not he
another instance of the had judgment of actors-^-always remained
pretty much the same, notwithstanding its great success. He
considered the pantomime, as a whole, a very indifferent one, and
always declared Ms own part to he one of the worst he ever
played; nor was there a trick or situation in the piece to which
he had not "been well accustomed for many years before. How-
ever this may be, there is little doubt that the exertions of
Bologna and himself, as Harlequin and Clown, contributed in a
very important degree to the success of the piece; it being
worthy of remark, that whenever the pantomime has been played
without the original Harlequin and Clown, it has invariably gone
off flatly, and generally failed to draw.

On the 9th of June he took a benefit in conjunction with
Bologna, upon which occasion Mother Gfoose was played for the
eighty-second* time. The receipts amounted to 679Z. 18s.

During the run of this pantomime he fell curiously into a new
and mysterious circle of acquaintance. The mystery which over-
hung them, the manner of his introduction, their style of living,

*0n the night of the joint benefit of G-rimaldi and Bologna, June 9, 1807,
MacHin's " Man of the World," was performed; Sir Pertinax, by Mr. Cookej
anew comic ballet, entitled "Poor Jack," Poor Jack, by Mr. Bologna, jun.
Joe also sang Dibdm's song of "The Country Club," often previously sung by
Mm at Sadler's Wells, with reiterated plaudits. The evening's entertainments
concluded -with " Mother Goose," for the eighty-eighth time, not the eighty-

In the preceding April, on the 16th, was produced at Covent Garden, for the
first time, a grand ballet of action, entitled "The Ogre and Little Thumb; or,
the Seven League Boots;" Anthropophagos, the Ogre, Mr. Parley: Count
Manfredi, Mr. Bologna, jun.; Seamperini, the Count's Servant, Mr. Grimaldi;
little Thumb, Miss M. Bristow, her first appearance.chedness and