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MEMOIRS OP JOSEPH GBIMALDI.                        185

The five gentlemen were punctual, and they, Mackintosh, and
Grimaldi, started together. They dined at "Woolwich, and
afterwards adjourned to the theatre, where the five gentlemen
and Mackintosh went into the boxes, and Grrimaldi upon the
stage. The five gentlemen talked very loud, and applauded
very much; and their magnificent appearance created quite a
sensation, not only among the audience, but the actors also.
They supped together at the hotel at which they iad dined:
slept there, and returned to town next day; Mr. Farmer and
the four gentlemen coming home in a barouche; Mackintosh,
Grimaldi, and some other professional persons preferring to
walk, for the benefit of the exercise.

"Upon the way, Grimaldi sounded Mackintosh relative to the
professions, connexions, and prospects of his friends; but he
evaded making any reply, further than by observing, with an
air of great respect, that they were very wealthy people. He
dined in Throgmorton-street a few days afterwards, and again
tried to penetrate the mystery, as did his wife, who accompanied
him. Mr. Mackintosh threw no light upon it, but it was
destined to be shortly revealed, as the next chapter will show. While they were thinking