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THE facts relating to Grimaldi's connexion with JohnMaekoull,
alias Mackintosh, are the following:

Mackoull, during two years previous to Michaelmas, 1804,
was a publican; he kept the George Trm, at Hayes, in Kent;
and, in his own words, in his "Abuses of Justice," mentions
the following particulars :"In justice to Mr. Grrimaldi, I will
shortly state the commencement and nature of our acquaint-
ance. I saw him for the first time as a guest at my house at
Hayes, where, from the attention I paid him and his friends, he
visited me several times.

" Shortly after I came to London, I accidentally met him,
and invited him and his wile to diae with me. The invitation
was accepted, and he in turn invited me and my wife to dine;
indeed, the whole of our acquaintance consisted in several times
mutually dining at each other's houses."

Mackoull lived in "White Lion-court, in Throgmorton-street,
and the occasional intimacy appears to have continued till 1807,
in which year, on March 13th, Lund had a benefit at the.
Woolwich Theatre, when the Bolognas, Gbtimaldi, and Gorman,
were to enact Don.Juan. Mackoull accompanied John Bologna
from London to "Woolwich on the morning of the 13th; the
performances went off well at night, and the whole party con-
tinued there till two o'clock in the afternoon of the 1-ith, whenwer to relieve him, the