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224.                       MEMOIES OP JOSEPH GEIMALDI.

Garden, company, till after Christmas, when. "Mother Goose"
•was revived, with a new last scene, representing the ruins of
Covent Garden Theatre, transformed by a touch of Harlequin's
wand into a new and splendid building. In March he sustained
for the first time the character of Kanko in " La Perouse." He
took his benefit on the 23rd of May.* The season terminated
a few nights afterwards; and with it, it may he incidentally
observed, terminated the theatrical career of the celebrated
Lewis, who retired from the stage at this period.

Sadler's Wells presented no particular novelty in 1809. t Its
chief production was a piece called "Johnnie Armstrong," in
which Grimaldi played Kirstie, a kind of " Touchstone:" it was
very successful, and the season closed, as all the Sadler's Wells
seasons did at that time, with great profits.

Before adverting to the little adventure arising out of one of
the nocturnal rides to which reference has been already made, it
will be necessary to mention a few circumstances, upon which
such interest as it possesses mainly depends.

December 26,1808. " La Perouse" was revived, " for the first time these four
years," on Thursday, January 26,1809, and not in March, as here stated. La
Perouse was performed by Bologna, junior; Madame Perouse, by Miss Bristow;
TTmba, by Miss Adams; Kanko, suitor to Umba, by Mr. Grimaldi; their
first appearance in those characters. The eighteenth representation was on
April 5th.

* On Joe's benefit night was performed the " Busy Body •" Marplot, by Mr.
Lewis; and "Mother Goose." Mr. Lewis took his final leave of the stage, on
the 29th, as the Copper Captain, in "Rule a Wife and Have a Wife ;" "The
Ghost;" and "Valentine and Orson." The season terminated on May 31st
with the "Exile," and "Valentine and Orson."

t Sadler's Wells opened at Easter, April 3, 1809, and in the pantomime of
"Fashion's Pool; or, The Aquatic.Harlequin," Grimaldi played Clown, and
sang the songs of " Odd ]?ish," and the " Whip Club." On Whit Monday, May
22, he played the Wild Man, in the Aquatic Melo-Dramatic Bomance of " The
"Wild Man: or, Water Pageant." On July 31, a new Harlequinade, called
"Castles in the Air; or, Columbine Cowslip," was produced. Grimaldi played
Clown, with the Song of "Looney's Lamentation for Miss Margery Muggins,"
and a quartetto caricatura, called " Cut and Come Again; or, The Clown's
Ordinary." On Mrs. C. Dibdin's night, October 16, Grimaldi, in compliment
to her, ssaig three new songs, in addition to those pertaining to " Castles in the
Air."led by men, women, and children,