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MEMOIES OF JOSEPH GfflMAIDI.                       283


More proTincial success—Bologna and his economy—Comparative dearness of
Welsh. Bare-bits and Partridges—Bemarkably odd modes of saving money,

HAVIKG no engagement at Liverpool,—indeed, having no time
to accept one,—Grimaldi remained there only two days, at the
expiration of which time he went to Hereford, and having
waited on Mr. Crisp, the manager, went to look at the theatre,
which, to his great astonishment and concern, he found to be
nothing more than a common square room, with a stage four
yards wide and about as many high, the head of the statae in
Don Juan being obscured by the flies, and thus rendered wholly
invisible to the audience. 'What made this circumstance the
more annoying, was, that on the statue being seen to nod its
head depended the effect of one of the very best scenes of

As Grimaldi did not hesitate to express Ms great mortification
and annoyance, and his decided indisposition to act in such a
place for four nights, which was the term originally proposed,
a fresh arrangement was entered into, by which he engaged to
play two nights at Hereford, and two at "Worcester, where he
knew there was a better theatre. At the former town the
receipts were on the first night 42Z-, and on the second 45Z., his
share of the total being 43Z. 10*. At Worcester, the receipts of
the first night were 87l-, and of the second 93Z. 16s.: here he
also received a moiety of the two nights5 receipts.e in convulsions of mirth,