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Having now concluded his provincial engagements, Gfrimaldi
repaired to Cheltenham for rest and relaxation, and remained
there until the second week in September, when he returned to
London. "While at Cheltenham, he stumbled upon his old
friend, Richer, the rope-dancer, already mentioned as having
been engaged at Sadler's "Wells, at an early period of G-rimaldi's
career. He had retired from the profession, and was married
to the widow of a clergyman who had died extremely rich.
They were living in great style, and to all appearance very

The following account of Grimaldi's gains during this short
excursion will afford some idea of the immense sums he was in
the habit of receiving about this time. The amount was so
much more than he had supposed, that on going over the
calculation, he could scarcely believe he was correct. It was as

Brighton, four nights
Birmingham, six .
Worcester, one
Glasgow and Edinburgh, nine
Berwick, two        .          .

Liverpool, sixteen
Preston, two        .          .

Hereford, two      .
Worcester, (2nd visit) two

Total   .

   a.   d.

100   0   0

210   0   0

50   0   0

417   0

102   7   0

324 14   0

86   0   0

43 10   0

SO   8    0

1423 19   0

The accounts which he received at Sadler's "Wells on his
return were unusually bad. They were fully corroborated by
Mr. Hughes, who informed him it had been the very worst
season the theatre had ever known.

Having nothing to do at Covent Gfarden, and entertaining a
very pleasant and lively recollection of the profits of his last
trip, Grimaldi determined on making another excursion,
and accepted an offer from Elliston, to play four nights atny of them, declaring in broken words as