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MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GJttD£iXDI.                         291

the guard and coachman something beyond their usual fee,
as an intelligible hint that he was not of the same caste as Ms

Two or three days afterwards, meeting Bologna in the street,
he inquired how he had got on at the

" Oh, very well," said Bologna; " they abused me finely."

" Just what I expected."

" Yes, and very glad I was of it, too."

" "What do you mean ?"

" Saved my money, Joe; that's what I mean. If they had
been civil, of course I must have given something, not only to
the coachman, but the guard besides; but as they were not
civil, of course I did not give either of them a penny, and so
saved something handsome by it."

Bologna had many good qualities, and he and Grimaldl
always remained on good terms; but as he was not upon the
whole the most entertaining travelling companion that oould be
found, they never afterwards encountered each other ia that

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