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,292                       MEMOIKS OF JOSEPH GRIMALDI.


1817 to 1818.

Q-rimaldi becomes a Proprietor of Sadler's Wells.—Newcastle Salmon, and a
Coal Mine.—Production of Baron Muneliausen.—Anecdote of Ellar the Har-
lequin, showing how he jumped through the Moon, and put his hand out.—
Gold Snuff-box, Sir Godfrey Webster, and the Duke of York.

G-EIMALDI need not have hastened back to town with so much
expedition, for he was not in request at Covent Grarden, as it
j ;                turned out, until November, and then only for a night or two

in " La Perouse." Still, as it was uncertain whether he might
not be wanted at a few days' notice, he was fearful of accepting
any provincial engagement of more than a week's duration.

Sadler's "Wells was closed when he reached London, after a
season which had entailed a very severe loss on the proprietors;
the balance against whom was so heavy, as to cause it to be
rumoured that one more such season would throw a few of the
shares into new hands, which in reality shortly afterwards
occurred. In a pecuniary point of view, it was an extremely
fortunate thing for Gritnaldi that he had remained absent from
Sadler's "Wells during the summer of 1817, his gains in the
provinces being considerably more than they would have been
if he had remained in town; while, on the other hand, the
degree of exertion he had to encounter in the provinces was
greatly inferior to that which he must have sustained at Sadler's
"Wells. In addition to the 1423Z. 19s, of which an account is
given in the last chapter, he received for four nights at Bir-
mingham 15DZ., for two nights at Leicester 70Z., and for six ateveral expressions of very undisguised contempt