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i                                          MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GBIMAEDI,                       293

Chester lOOZ., making a clear gain of 1743?. 19?. for fifty-sis

nights' performance; whereas, if lie had remained at Sadler's

5           "Wells, he would hare merely received his thirty weeks' salary

*            at 12?. each, and two benefits of 150?. each, making a total of
660Z. for one hundred and eighty nights' performance.   He was
therefore a gainer not only in the saving of bodily exertion, hut

I           in the sum of 1073?. 19s., by his fortunate and unlooked-for

I           expulsion from Sadler's "Wells.

}              In. February, 1818, Grimaldi received several intimations that

if he chose to make application to the proprietors of Sadler's
Wells, he might return almost upon his own terms; but he

f            declined doing so, partly from feeling rather annoyed at the

manner in which he had been treated, and partly from dis-

*             covering how well provincial excursions answered in a pecuniary
y           point of view, and how much more conducive they were to his
I           health than remaining in town.    Nevertheless, when Hrs.
I            Hughes, the widow of his friend, waited upon him and entreated
I            him herself to return, he scarcely knew how to refuse, and at
I           last told her that if he returned at all to that establishment, it

*            must be as a part proprietor.   He said this, -flunking that it
would either release him from any farther requests to go back
to Sadler's Wells, or enable him to share in the profits which

|           had been for many years accruing to the proprietors. Bat in

this idea, as in many others, he was totally mistaken. After
some little preliminaries, in the shape of meetings, discussions,

|           waiving of objections, &c., the proposal was accepted, and he

became the purchaser of a certain number of shares in Sadler's

;            "Wells from Mrs. Hughes herself.*   This being arranged, (M-

* Joe's desire was to become a proprietor, and an eighth share, at his request,

$              was disposed of to him by Hs brother-in-law, Mr. Hughes; nor was the purchase-

money demanded at the time of sale: the object was, to unrest Grimaldi with aa

interest in the theatre and to attach. Km to it more permanently; bat so far

from any loss having arisen, we find that on reference to the treasurer's books,

the season of 1818 and the two following were profitable, and Joe participated in

I               the benefits arising therefrom.   The season of 1S21 was attended by loss; batrimaldi obtained great applause for his performance of Orson,eminiscences, 1827, Vol. I. p. 399. the