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294                          MEMOIRS 0]? JOSEPH GKRIMAXDI.

rnaldi accepted an. engagement for the ensuing season upon his
old terms, merely bargaining that he sho.uld he permitted to
leave town about the end of July, for six: weeks in each year, to
fulfil provincial engagements.

The Covent Garden, season terminated on the 17th of July,
and Ms benefit at Sadler's "Wells, wMch occurred two nights
afterwards, being over, (the receipts were 243Z. 19*.,) he left
town to fulfil the engagements he had entered into with country
managers. He went first to Liverpool, where he acted from the
27th July until the 19th of August: Ms profits amounted to
327Z., being two pounds and a few shillings more than the result
of Ms previous visit. Thence he went to Lancaster, the theatre
of wMch town, like the one at Berwick, he found up a stable-
yard, but very neat and commodious. Here he played two
nights, for wMch he received lllZ. 16s. Prom this town he
went to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he performed five nights,
realizing 243Z. 14s. as Ms share of the profits.

During Ms stay at Newcastle, he recollected that the best
pickled salmon sold in London was called by that name, and
came from thence, and he resolved to have a feast of it, naturally
concluding that he should procure it in Mgh perfection in the
place whence it was brought for sale. Accordingly, one evening
he ordered some to be got ready for supper upon Ms return from
t3ie theatre; wMch the waiter of the hotel he was staying at
promised should be done, but in so curious a manner that he
could not help fancying he did not understand Ms meaning. He
therefore asked Mm if he had heard what he said.

" Oh dear, yes, sir!" was the reply: " I'll take care it shall
be ready, sir."

even, then the deficit required from .Grrimaldi, by reason of hia eighth share, was
Me more than ninety pounds j and in that instance Joe experienced the kind-
ness of the family to which his early marriage had attached him. The loss
referred to was rendered easy to him in its liquidation. Mr. Hughes's subsequent
losses, as connected with Sadler's Wells Theatre, exceeded 50QOZ.          was disposed of to him by Hs brother-in-law, Mr. Hughes; nor was the purchase-