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MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GEIMJJJ)!.                       297

"Hollo!" exclaimed Grimaldi, greatly terrified. ""What's

"Heeh!" saidtlie guide, "it's only a wee bit of cool fallen
dooii: we ha'e that twa or three times a day."

" Have you ?" replied Grimaldi, running back to the shaft.
" Then I'll thank you to ring for my basket, or call out for it,
for I'll stop here no longer."

The basket was lowered, and he ascended to the light without
delay, having no wish whatever to take his chance again among
the " wee bits of cool."                                                                       I

While upon this last expedition, he received a letter from Mr.
Harris, in which that gentleman informed him, that it would be
necessary for him to be in London by the 7th of September, to
attend the opening of Covent Garden; in consequence of which
he was obliged to forego Ms Edinburgh engagement with Mr.
Murray, which annoyed him greatly, for he had calculated
upon clearing pretty nigh five hundred pounds by that portion
of Ms trip; besides, being at Newcastle, he was within one
day's journey of Edinburgh. However, he was obliged to
attend to the summons, and so returned to London, where a few
days afterwards he encountered Mr. Harris, with whom he had
the following vexatious colloquy.

" Ah, Joe!" he exclaimed, with, evident surprise, " why, I did
not expect to see you for three weeks to come!"

" You did not, sir!" exclaimed Grimaldi, with at least an
equal degree of astonishment.

" Certainly not; I thought you were going into Scotland."

" So I was; but I received a letter from you, recalling me to
town by to-day; which summons I have obeyed, by sacrificing
my Edinburgh excursion, and with it about five hundred

"Ah!" said Mr. Harris, "I see now how all this is. I
suppose you left Newcastle the same day you received my

"I did, sir."eighing about three tons, fell with a loud noise upon a spot