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304                         MEMOIRS OP JOSEPH GKBIMALDI.

!'                                       CHAPTER  XXII.

'j                                                             1818 to 1823.


'II                         Profit and loss.—Appearance of his Son at Covent Garden.—His last engage-

']                            ment at Sadler's Wells.—Accommodation of the Giants in the Dublin Pavi.

1 ji                             lion.—Alarming state of his health.—His engagement at the Coburg.—The

|'!                            liberality of Mr. Harris.—Rapid decay of Grimaldi's constitution, his great

,!                             sufferings, and last performance at Covent Garden.—He visits Cheltenham

j                             and Birmingham with great success.—Colonel Berkeley, Mr. Charles Kemble,

' I -                           and Mr. Bunn.

|'t'                 BY his six weeks' excursion in 1818, Grimalcli cleared 682Z. 12s.;

'I                  hut the disastroxis result of the Sadler's Wells season, and the

I                  expenditure of ready money in the purchase of his shares, swal-

if,                  lowed up nearly the whole of his gains in the provinces—so that

|[i                 notwithstanding his great success and the enormous sums he

111!  s                had so recently acquired, the atitumn of 1818 found him. still

ijj!'  |                poor, and entirely dependent on his salary for support.   He

:M<  ',                looked forward, however, to the next season at Sadler's Wells,

If'               in the hope that some success might repay a portion of the money

fj  j                he had already lost.

I*  !                    The  opening of Sadler's Wells*  was attended hy many


$ I   '                        * Sadler's "Wells opened on Easter Monday, April 12,1819, with a pantomime,

j,;                       the scenes selected from successful harlequinades at that theatre, commencing

5                         with the opening from that of the "Talking Bird;" Clown, Mr. Grimaldi, -with a

1'                        new song, "Hoi CODIJN'S," composed by Mr. Whitaker; Columbine, Miss

PJ                        Tree, from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.   On April 19, the " Great Devil"

f> t                         was revived; Nicola, Mr. Grimaldi; the Lady Matilda, Miss Tree : and on WMt

f                        Monday, May 31, the new harlequinade, called " The ]?ates, or Harlequin's Holi-

'                          day," was produced under Grimaldi's immediate direction.   He played the

*,'                         Clown; Bologna, as Harlequin, made his first appearance that evening, after a

^                         ten years' absence; Barnes, Pantaloon; the ever juvenile Widdieomb played the

*                          Weat Indian;  and Columbine, Miss Tree.    On the same night, at Govent

n                          Garden, "Mother Goose" was revived, with additional scenes from " Harlequin of the heavens.   One