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difficulties and embarrassments. Only ten days before the
commencement of the season, Mr, Charles Dibdin suddenly
relinquished his post of acting stage-manager, and was with
great difficulty prevailed upon to make the necessary arrange-
ments for the first week. As he left the theatre at Whitsuntide,
and nobody could be found to supply his place, Grimaldi was
obliged to fill it himself, and to relinquish, though with great
unwillingness, his summer excursion, with all its advantages.
He produced a new pantomime of his own invention, called
" The Fates," which ran the whole of the season, and drew very
good houses. The result was, that when the books were made
up at the end of the season, each of the proprietors had some-
thing to receive; which was a very agreeable improvement on
the untoward prospects with which the preceding year had

Gradually, but surely, during the whole of this year Grimaldi
felt his health sinking, and heavy and painful infirmities creep-
ing upon him. He learnt, when it was too late, that if at this
time he had retired from the profession, and devoted one or two
years to relaxation and quiet, his constitution would in all pro-
bability have rallied, and he would have been enabled to resume
his usual occupations, with every hope of being long able to
perform them, instead of being compelled, as he eventually was,

Mnnohaosen," " GuHiyer," and " Whirtington." EHsr was the Harlequin, aad
Grimaldi had to play at both theatres in the two pieces. The pantomime was
played at CoTent Garden on July 10th, the last night of the season, by the ex-
press desire of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. The pantomime of " Harie-
quin's Holiday" continued uninterruptedly till August 9th, when it was an-
nounced it would be withdrawn for a short time, to re-embellish the scenery, ma-
chinery, and dresses, and wonld then be re-produeed with additional seemes. On
August 2, Grimaldi sustained Friday in the burletta of the " Bold Buccaneers,"
which was successfully repeated during the season. The Duke and Duchess,
pleased with Glimaldi's performance at Coven* Garden, Ttsited Sadler's Wells,
on August 27th. On September 13th, Grimaldi played Scaramouch, in " Dos
Juan;" Donna Anna, Miss Tree; when the bilk announced a change of entertain-
ments on the Monday following, September 20th, for the benefit of Mr. GrimaML Tree : and on WMt