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306                        MEMOIRS OJ? JOSEPH GRIMALDI.

to quit the stage when he was little more than forty years

The Christmas pantomime at Co vent Garden was "Harlequin
Don Qaiixote," which was not quite so successful as the panto-
mimes at that house usually had been, although (Mmaldi
played Sancho Panza in the opening, and afterwards Clown.
Its success was so equivocal, that another pantomime, called
" Harlequin and Cinderella," was produced in April; but it had
no greater success that its predecessor, for it went off but indif-
ferently, and did not run long. Having a few nights to spare
in March, he accepted a theatrical invitation from Lynn in
Norfolk, where he acted four nights and received one hundred
and sixty pounds.

At Sadler's Wells a new system had been acted upon. The
authorities being greatly puzzled in the choice of a stage-
manager, and having received an offer from Mr. Howard Payne
to take the theatre for one season at a certain rental, agreed to
let it. Mr. Howard Payne commenced his campaign at Easter,*

* Sadler's Wells opened under the management of Mr. Howard Payne on
Easter Monday, April 3, 1820, with the best playing company ever assembled
within its walls. The stage business was arranged by Grimaldi; and in the first
piece, the pantomime of " Q-oody Two Shoes," Bologna played Harlequin;
Grimaldi, Clown; Barnes, Pantaloon; farmer, with, a song, Mr. "Wood, the
husband of Miss Paton, afterwards Lady Lennox; Columbine, Miss Vallancey.
On Whit Monday, May 22, was produced a splendid Persian Pantomime, entitled
" The Yellow Dwarf; or, Harlequin King of the Golden Mines;" Harlequin,
Mr. Bologna; Columbine, Miss Vallancey; Pantaloon, Mr. Barnes; Grim, after-
wards Clown, with a song, " London Cheats, or there never was such Times,"
by G-rimaldi: the Yellow Dwarf, afterwards Yellow Harlequin, Mr. Guerint;
tTbrino, Ms attendant Genie, afterwards Yellow Clown, Mr. Grimaldi, Junior,
Ms first appearance this season. On July 8, was revived the pantomime of "Don,
Juan;" Don Juan, Mr. Bologna; Scaramouch, Mr. Grimaldi, with the song of
" Tippitywitehet;" Donna Anna, Miss Vallancey. Grimaldi's benefit, Thursday,
July 27th, presented a crowded house: the entertainments were, " Kaloc; or, the
Slave Pirate;" Kaloc, by Mr. Grimaldi; "Ko and Zoa," in wMch Bologna
played Ko, Grimaldi, Ravin; and the " Yellow Dwarf;" and the applause with
ivMeh they were received induced a repetition on. the two following nights.
<c Raymond and Agnes" was revived on August 7, when Grimaldi played
Robert the Baadifr.under Grimaldi's immediate direction.   He played the