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and a most unprofitable one it proved, for lie lost a considerable
sum of money, as did the proprietors also, and Grimaldi not
unnaturally began to be weary of the speculation. As both. Ms
benefits, however, were bumpers, he left the theatre in good
spirits in the month of September,* to fulfil an engagement at
Dublin, little dreaming at the time, that with the exception of
Ms farewell night, he was destined never again to act upon the
Sadler's Wells stage.

Grimaldf s travelling companions were Ellar and Ms son, all
three being engaged by Mr. Harris to act at Ms theatre in
Dublin, and receiving permission to absent themselves from
Covent Garden for that express purpose. Since Ms last journey
to the Irish capital in 1805, roads and coaches had improved,
and steam-packets had supplied the place of the old sailing-
boats, so that they reached their destination in half the time
wMch the same journey had occupied before.

The theatre in wMch they were to act was called the Pavilion,
and had formerly been an assembly-room. It was perfectly
round, and very ill adapted for dramatic representations; the
stage room, too, was so inconvenient, and they were so pressed
for want of space, that when " Harlequin Gulliver" was in pre-
paration, they were at a loss where to put the Brobdignagians.
These figures were so very cumbersome and so much in the way,

* On. Howard Payne's night, October fith, after T. Dibdin's meWrsaa at
" Douglas," followed » harlequinade, compiled by GtimaHi from the best scenes
of the last popular pantomimes, entitled " Scraps; or, Jfan for lie GaBery,"
Bologna, Gueriat, Grimaldi, Young Grimaldi, Barnes, and MJsa YaB&neey per-
formed the parts; and the bills stated that, on this occasion, Mr. Grbaaldi woaH
appear for the last time this season, and introduce OB« of Ms most eekbwted
comic songs, and with Mr. Bologna a grotesque danee, the Pas-de-Deax from
"Mother Goose." C. M. Westmaeott, who was scene-painter and composer of
the pantomimes this season at Sadler's Wells, had also a benefit on October Hth,
the bills for which invitingly asked the reader, *' Will yon eoaae for nothing?"
•&B prices of admission were as usual; but to every person in the boxes and pit
was presented an excellent portrait of Grimaldi, engraved after Wsgeman's
drawing, by Bloodj and to every person in the galtery a boot of the soop <rf
the evening.

X 2induced a repetition on. the two following nights.