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312                        MEMOIRS OF JOSEPH GEIMALDI.

performers began to rehearse at an. tumsually late period, its
success was perfect; but, notwithstanding- it ran forty-four
nights, Gfrimaldi never thought it a favourite with the public.
He himself played the Yellow Dwarf, and his son played apart
called " Ghunea Pig." " Cherry and Fair Star" was revived at
Easter, in consequence of its great success in the previous
season, and answered the purpose extremely well.

During the whole of this summer Grimaldi's health gradually
but steadily declined. Sometimes there were slight fluctuations
for the better, in which he felt so much improved as to fancy
that his strength was beginning to return; and although the
next day's decay and lassitude showed but too clearly that they
were but brief intervals of strength, he fondly regarded these
red-letter days as tokens of a real and permanent change for
the better. Perhaps even now, as he had nothing to do at
Sadler's Wells, and was too unwell to accept country engage-
ments, if he had remained quiet during the Covent Garden
recess, lived with great regularity, and acted upon the best
medical advice, he might have retained for many years longer
some portion of his health and spirits. But Mr. G-lossop, who
was then the lessee of the Coburg Theatre (now the Yictoria),
made him an offer which he could not resist, and he acted there
for six weeks,* at a considerable sum per week and a free

G-rimaldi enacted Topao, the slave of the G-reek Captain. This piece for
splendour surpassed every other production at that theatre; the accompaniments
•were of the first description, and the looking-glass scene presented a gorgeous

* Q-rimaldi's performances commenced at the Coburg, on Monday, July 1st,
1822, in a pantomime, comprising a selection of the most successful scenes from
various harlequinades of the last fifteen years, called " Salmagundi; or, the
Clown's Dish of all Sorts I" produced under G-rimaldi's directions. The scenery
painted by Stanfield and his assistants. Harlequin, Mr. Howell; Pantaloon,
Mr. Barnes, his first appearance in that theatre; Lover, Mr. Widdieomb;
Clown, Mr. Qrimaldi 5 Columbine, Madame Le Olercq. This lasted six nights j
on the 8th, the pantomime of " Harlequin and the Three Wishes 5 or, Puck and
the Black Puddings;" the pantoinimiats as in the former piece. On Monday,iogten. js to ensure a full house at Birmingham:—-I speak from what I