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MEMOIRS OE JOSEPH GBIMABDI.                       321

They returned to London together, and for the next three
months Grimaldi consulted the most eminent medical men in
the hope of recovering some portion of Ms lost health and
strength. During that time he suffered an intensity of anxiety
wMch it is difficult to conceive, as their final decision upon the
remotest probability of his recovery was postponed from day to
day. All their efforts were in vain, however. Towards the end
of October, he received a final intimation that it was useless for
Mm. to nourish any hope of recovering the use of Ms limbs, and
that although nature, assisted by great care on Ms part and the
watchfulness of Ms medical attendants, might certainly alleviate
some of Ms severe pains, Ms final recovery was next to impos-
sible, and he must make up Ms mind to relinquish every thought
of resuming the exercise of Ms profession.

Among the gentlemen to whose kindness and attention he was
greatly indebted in this stage of his trials, were, Sir Astley
Cooper, Sir Matthew Tierney, Mr. Abernethy, Dr. Farr, Dr.
Temple, Dr. Uwins, Dr. Mitchell Mr. Thomas and Mr. James
Wilson. To all these gentlemen he was personally unknowa;
but they all attended Mm gratuitously, and earnestly requested
Mm to apply to them without reserve upon every occasion
when it was at all likely that they could be of the slightest

It was with no slight despair that Grimaldi received the
announcement that for the rest of Ms days he was a cripple,
possibly the constant inmate of a sack room, and that he had
not even a distant prospect of resuming the occupations to
wMch he had been attached from Ms cradle, and from wMch he
was enabled up to this time to realize an annual income of
fifteen hundred pounds: and all this without any private
fortune or resources, with the exception of Ms shares in Sadler's
Wells Theatre, wMeh had Mtherto proved a dead loss. For
some hours after tMs opinion of his medical men had been com-
municated to Trim, he sat stupified with the heaviness of the
xng