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322                        MEMOIRS OP JOSEPH GEIMALDI.

calamityj and fell into a state of extreme mental distress, from
wMeh it was a long- time before he was thoroughly roused. As
soon as he could begin to exercise his reason, he recollected that
it was a duty he owed Ms employers to inform them of Ms ina-
bility to retain Ms situation at Covent Garden, the more espe-
cially as it was time they made some arrangements for the
ensuing Christmas pantomime. Accordingly he sent a note to
the theatre, acquainting them with his melancholy condition,
and the impossibility of his fulfilling Ms articles, (wMch had
only been entered into in the preceding January, and were for
three years,) and recommending them to engage without loss of
time some other individual to supply his place.

The communication was received with much kindness, and
many good wishes for his recovery. After several interviews
and much consideration, it was resolved that his son, J. S,
Grimaldi, should be brought out as principal Clown in the
ensuing Christmas pantomime. He appeared, for the first
time* in that character, in the pantomime of " Harlequin and
Poor Kobin, or the House that Jack built;" and his success
was complete. His father sat in the front of the house on Ms
first night, and was no less gratified by his reception in public,
than by the congratulations wMch poured upon Mm when he
went round to the stage and found everybody delighted with
the result of the trial. The pantomime proved very successful;
it had an extended run, and the proprietors of the theatre,
Mghly satisfied with the young man's success, with much
liberality cancelled Ms existing articles, wMch were for 6l. per
'week, and entered into a new agreement by which they raised
Ms salary to 81. To Grimaldi, also, they behaved in a most
handsome manner; for although Ms regular salary was, as a

  matter of course, stopped from the day on which he communi-

- cated Ms inability to perform, they continued to allow MTTT 5l. a

*  week for the remainder of the season; an act of much considera-

* On Friday, December 26,1823.ved delirium.e "Disputes in China." The bilk announced his re-a,ppeaxaaee  "posi-