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Great kindness of Misa Kelly towards Grimaldi—His farewell benefit at Sadler's
Wells ; last appearance and farewell address—He mates preparations for one
more appearance at Covent Garden, but, in a conversation with. Mr. Charles
Kemble, meets with, a disappointment—In consequence of Lord Segrare's
benevolent interference, a benefit is arranged for him at Drory Lane—His
last interview with Mr. Charles Kemble and Pawcett.

IK February, 1828, a very Mghly-esteemed and kind friend to
Grimaldi, and an actress of deserved popularity, whose wonder-
ful talents have gained for her universal praise and an ample
fortune, and whose performances have been for many years tike
delight and admiration of the public—Hiss Kelly,—called at
his house to inquire after his health, and to ascertain whether it
was probable that he would ever again be enabled to appear
upon the stage. He replied, with natural emotion, that he
could no longer dare even to hope that he should ever act more.

" Then," asked Miss Kelly, "why not take a farewell benefit?
I dare say you are not so rich as to despise the proceeds of such
an undertaking."

Grimaldi shook Ms head, and replying- he was much poorer
than anybody supposed, proceeded to lay before her' Ms exact
position, not omitting to point out, that whenever Sadler's
"Wells was again let by the proprietors, he would certainly lose
his situation, and thus be deprived of Ms sole dependence. As
to taking a benefit, he said, he felt so ill and depressed, that he
could not venture to undergo the labour of getting one up, far
less would Ms pecuniary means warrant Ms incurring the
chance of a loss.lied Grimaldi, " but you are