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been, "with the public, could not help deeming it somewhat harsh
and unkind conduct on the part of the proprietors to refuse him
the house for one night, for -which, of course, he would have

Mr. Price was the lessee of Drury Lane at this time, and once
or twice Grimaldi thought of applying to him, but fearing it
would be useless, dismissed the idea. In this state of indecision
two or three weeks passed away, when one day he received a
note from Mr. Dunn, the Drury Lane treasurer, requesting Mm
to attend at the theatre at twelve o'clock next day, as Mr. Price
•wished to see him. On complying with tMs very unexpected
invitation, he was informed by Mr. Dunn, that the lessee had
been, compelled to meet another party on business, and therefore
could not wait to see him ; but that he was deputed to say, that
he had been apprised of GrimaldFs wish to take a benefit, and
that the theatre was at Ms service for the evening of Friday,
June 27th, 1828, the last night but one of the season. " That,"
added Mr. Dunn, " is unfortunately the only evening we can
offer you. Had Mr. Price known earlier of your wishes, you
"would have nad an extended choice of nights, and he would
have felt happy in obliging so distinguished a veteran.**

Much delighted with tMs politeness and consideration, he
gratefully accepted the theatre for the night mentioned. He
•was much puzzled at the time to think who could have men-
tioned the circumstance to Mr. Price, and befriended Mm so
greatly; on mature consideration, however, he had little doubt
that it was Lord Segrave to whom he was obliged, for when he
told Miss Kelly that he had been offered Drary Lane, she re-
membered Lord Segrave having expressed great surprise when
she told him he had been refused Covent Garden, and Ms having'
, added, that " he should see Price shortly."

Every assistance that could be afforded Mm in arranging Ms
benefit was cheerfully rendered. To three gentlemen in parti-
cular, for the valuable and cordial aid they rendered to the inde-t two years and foiir months old. same piece produced