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336                        MEMOIRS 05? JOSEPH; GBIMALDI.

fatigable exertions of Miss Kelly, he was tinder deep and lasting
obligations. These were, Mr. James "Wallack, Mr. W. Barry,
more, and Mr. Peake, scarcely less a favourite with the public
than with the members of the profession, to the literature of
which his abilities and humour have been long and successfully

About the middle of June, hearing that Mr. Charles Kemble
had returned from the Worth, Grrimaldi resolved to call upon
him, and to thank him for the exertions which he felt assured
he had made relative to his benefit. He had another object in.
view,—which was, to apprise him that he had entered into en-
gagements of a satisfactory nature at Drury Lane; which intel-
ligence he hoped would afford Mm unmitigated satisfaction,
after the strong desire he had always expressed for his pros-

Mr. Charles Kemble was alone when Grimaldi was shown up
to his room: he said, that having recently heard Mr. Kemble
had returned from Scotland, he had determined to lose no time
in calling to thank him, for the exertions which he had no doubt
he had made to enable him to take a benefit at Covent Grarden.
Although his kindness was unavailing, he was anxious to assure
him that ho perfectly appreciated it. He then went on to say,
that Mr. Price had in the handsomest manner offered the use of
Drury Lane Theatre, at which he was to take a benefit on the
27th; and that he had every reason to believe, from the interest
which was making for him, that it would be a very great one.

Mr. Kemble was evidently surprised to hear this, and instead
of manifesting the gratification which Q-rimaldi had expected,
evinced feelings of a directly opposite nature. At length he ex-
claimed, " Take a benefit at Drury Lane!"

"Yes, sir,"'replied Grimaldi; "and knowing that you feel a
great interest in my success, I have called upon you to thank
you for all your past kindness, and to inform you what I intend
• doing on my farewell night."uable and cordial aid they rendered to the inde-t two years and foiir months old. same piece produced