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"With these words, he placed in Mr. Kemble's hands an an-
nounce-bill, of which we subjoin a copy. These bills were after-
wards recalled, for reasons which will presently appear.



" On Friday, June 27,1828.

" It is respectfully announced, that Mr. Grimaldi, after
more than four years of severe and unremitting indisposition,
which continues without hope of alleviation, is compelled,
finally, to relinquish a profession in which, from infancy, he
has been honoured with as liberal a share of public patronage
as ever has been accorded to candidates of much higher pie-

"Numerous patrons having expressed surprise that Mr.
Grimaldi's benefit did not take place at the Theatre Royal,
Covent Garden, he takes the liberty of stating, that after bid-
ling farewell to Ms friends and supporters at Sadler's Wells
^the scene of his favoured exertions from the early age of three
years), he applied to the present directors of Covent Garden
Theatre, who, in the kindest manner, expressed their regret
that the well-known situation of the theatre precluded the
possibility of indulging their strong inclination to comply with,
the request he had ventured to prefer. On transferring the
application to Mr. Price, the lessee of the Theatre Royal, Brury
Lane, Mr. Grimaldi has the pleasure to say, that it was acceded
to with a celerity which enhanced the obligation, and demands
his most sincere acknowledgment.

"Mr. Grimaldi made his first appearance* at the Theatre

* Joe's assertion that " lie made Ms first appearance at Dntry Lane, where b
continued twenty-four years," is very questionable; he, in fact, said the eon.
trary in Ms farewell address at Sadler's Wells, at which theatre it is poiitwe he*
appeared at Easter, 1781. Sheridan's "Bobinson Crusoe" was produced ia
January of that year, and twenty-four years would carry the time oa to Jawary,,

Zarewell night."uable and cordial aid they rendered to the inde-t two years and foiir months old. same piece produced