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died on the 31st of May, 1837, having survived the
completion of the last chapter of his biography just five months,
during which his health had considerably improved, although
his bodily energies and physical powers had remained in the
same state of hopeless prostration. Having gradually recovered
the effects of the severe mental shocks which had crowded upon
him in his decline, he had regained his habitual serenity and
cheerfulness, and appeared likely to live, and even to enjoy life
—incompatible with all enjoyment as his condition would seem
to have been—for many years. He had no other wish, titan io
be happy in the society of his old friends; and uttered no other
complaint than that, in their absence, he sometimes found Ms
solitude heavy and irksome. He looked forward to the publi-
cation of his manuscript with an anxiety which it is impossible
to describe, and imagined that the day on which he exhibited it
in a complete form to his friends, would be the proudest of Ms

He was destined never to experience this harmless gratifica-
tion; the sudden dissolution which deprived him of it, mercifully
released Mm from all the pains and sufferings which etrald not
fail to have been, sooner or later, the attendants upon that state
of death in life to which he had been untimely reduced.

It had been Grimaldi's habit for some time previous to his
death, to spend a portion of each evening at a tavern hard by,
where the society of a few respectable persons, resident in the
neighbourhood, in some measure compensated him for the manyiography of Qrimaldi, it will be remembered, mention is made