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Full text of "Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi"

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Published ly G. Routledge $ Co,

In Post 8vo, price 4s. 6d., or 5s. gilt edges,


J-     CHAHLES   MACFAKLANE.     With Eight Illustrations   by WH.
HVBVEY, emblematically gilt.

In this volume it has been the Author's aim to narrate, in a forcible and inter-
esting style, the most celebrated battles in which the British Army has been
engaged, commencing with Crecy, down to the present time.

In Foolscap 8vo, price 4s., or 4s. Gd. gilt edges, emblematically gilt,

their Eise and Progress.   A Companion Volume to the " Ancient
Cities.''    By the Eev. T. A. BUCKLEY, MA.   With Eight Illustrations
from Designs by WM. HAEVEY.

This volume, on the Great Cities of the Middle Ages, will convey to the young
student especially a great deal of valuable and useful information: and tlw rolnme
is produced in such a style, as to make it a very pleasant "Hand-Book of History,"
and as such, very appropriate as a Prize or Gift-Book.

Foolscap 8vo, price 3s. Gd., or 4s. gilt edges,

TTOYAGE AND VENTTTEE; or, The Eomance of

V      Travel and Adventure.   Illustrated with Eight Engravings,

A volume of excitement for the fireside: in it are narrations of periten* tod-
dents in naval life—by famine, fire, and wreck, as well as in the busy stir of war;
the calm decision of Nelson at the Nile; the career of the soldier In tested fieU
and siege; aw instance of the firm and steady pai-pose of "Wellington at Vltteria,
as well as his kindly care lor others, by an eye-witness. Here, also, are the ad-
ventures of hardy hunters in the Indian wiids, and their many tair-tamstth
escapes when in pursuit of savage animals, or their greater peril, the wiltt ladfcuu

A -rery

Foolscap 8vo, price 2s. 6d., or 3s. gilt edges,

T AURA TEMPLE; a Tale for the Young.
I 1 Elegantly Printed Volume, with Frontispiece tout
Emblematically gilt.

Foolscap 8vo, price 3s., or 3s. 6d. gilt edges,

THE ISLAND HOME; Being the Adventures of Siz
Young Crusoes, cast on a Desolate Island.   With Illustrations.

" Here were realized

My boyhood's earliest dream of isles that lie
In farthest depths of ocean, girt with all
Of natural wealth and splendour—jewelled Us*
Boundless in unimaginable spoils
That earth is stranger to,"eatened to pull the house down if he did not appear.the visitation of God."