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Full text of "Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi"

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Willis's Poetical Works,

Reprinted from the last revised American edition, In -which the anther
has embodied poems never before published. Cloth extra, gilt edges, is,
The SAME EDITION, morocco extra, gilt edges, 5s.
" There is Willis, so natty, and jaunty, and gay,
Who says his best things in so foppish a way j
It runs like a stream with a musical sound,
And gurgles along with the liqnidest sweep.
No volume, I know, to read under a tree,
More truly delicious than his A 1'Abri,
With June coming softly your shoulder to look over,
Breezes waiting to turn every leaf of your book over;
And Nature to criticise still as you read
The page that bears that is a rare one indeed."

From Fable of Crtiici, by


Shakspeare's Dramatic Works.

A new edition, with Notes and Life. Printed, in a new type, from tha
text of Johnson, Stevens, and Reed, and edited by W. Hazlitt. Four
volumes. Poolseap 8vo, cloth, emblematically gilt, plain edges, 18s.

The S AME EDITION, bound in calf, marble edges, 23s,

" This edition, now complete, has our hearty approval; its cheapness
is not to be excelled, and the binding, printing, and paper, are unexcep-
tionable. In these days of reprints, this Shakspeare is behind no bowk
yet offered to the public."ŚMorning Herald.

Franklin and the Arctic Regions,

An Account of the various Expeditions for the Discovery of the H╗rtls-
West Passage during the Nineteenth Century, with an illustratten waA
maps.   Foolscap 8vo, clotb, emblematically gilt, 2s. 5d.
The SAME EDITION, cloth extra, gilt edges, 3s.

Kirke White, by Southey,

His Poetical Works, Life and Remains, by Robert Soatfaey, iacMBf
much matter not included in previous editions, printed in a new type,
and illustrated with engravings from designs by Birket Foster.   Fools-
cap 8vo, cloth, emblematically gilt, plain edges, 4s. SdL.
The SAME EDITION, cloth extra, gut edges, 5s.

Calmet's Biblical Dictionary,

Abridged, modernized, and re-edited according to the most reewt
biblical researches, by the Rev. Theodore Alois Buckley, B.A., foabteap
8vo, cloth lettered. The volume contains upwards of 7M pages, sad is
printed in a new, beautiful, and clear type, plain edges, 4s. 5d.

The SAME EDITION, bound hi calf, with marble edges, 7s. Sd.
" The present work is not designed to compete with the many learned
and voluminous Cyclopaedias, and other books of reference already in
circulation, but simply to place ia the hands of the great mw of ╗e
people some sounder and more extensive Infurmatoon than tae oeap
Biblictsl Dictionaries hitherto published could furnish."eberg, I don't mean to say