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Full text of "Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi"

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Beautifully printed in Fcap. 8vo, and illustrated by the best Artists,

forming the best and cheapest Editions.
In One Volume, Fcap. 8vo, price 5s. cloth gilt, or 5s. 6d. gilt edges.

Illustrations, from Designs by Franklin.

" Dryden was destined to teach posterity the powerftd and varied poetical
harmony of which their language was capable; to are an example of toe lyrie
ode of unapproached excellence, and to leave to English Literature a, muse,
second only to those of Milton and Shakspeare. What was said of Home, adorned
by Augustus, has been applied by Johnson to English poetry embellished by
Dryden—' lie found it brick, and left it marble.""

" The versification of Dryden is admirable; his narratives and deseripticwj
are full of life. To this day * Palamon and Arcite/ * Cymoa and JjAigmia,"
' Theodore and Hpnoria,' are the delight both of critics and of school-boys. Of
lyric poets he is, if not the most sublime, tie most brilliant a»d BpMt-stHiisg.*"

In One Volume, Fcap. 8vo, price 5s., or as. 6d. gilt edges.


O                    With Illustrations by John Gilbert.

" Joan of Arc," says Mr. Hazlitt, "is a work in which the lore of liberty is in-
haled like the breath of spring—mild, balmy, heaven-born. And is fall of
fears and -virgin sighs, and yearnings of affection after truth and good, gnritmg
warm and crimsoned from lie heart."

In Fcap. 8vo, price 5s., or 5s. 6d. gilt edges.

OPENSER'S FAIRIE QUEENE, to which Is added
O Ms Epithalamion. A New Edition, with a Glossary, and Illus-
trated by Edward Corbould. la 1 vol. small 8vo, cloth lettered.

" The nobility of the Spensers," says Gibbon, "has bees iSiKtrated sad «a-
riehed by the trophies of Marlborough; but I charge them to sawder tie
' Pairie Queene' as the most precious jewel of their coronet. As £om Sjjensw's
writings are read, he exerts the most salutary influence in inspiring a tore far
the just, the beautiful, the true. The grand procession of stately sad be»utifal
forms—the chivalrous glow—the stirring adventures—fee nofete seafibaeBts—tlw
picturesque descriptions—the charming poetry—aE tend to jaafce fta * FsJm
Queene' a poem of unequalled richness and beauty."

Various other volumes are in preparatkm.

In One Volume, Fcap. 8vo, price 5s., or 5s. 6d. gilt edges,


Ju    the " Sea-side and Fire-side,"   With 34 lUastratkms by Jcfai

Gilbert, and Four Steel Plates from designs by Thomas,

Also uniform, price 5s., or 5s. 6d. gilt edges,
T ONGFELLOW'S   PROSE   WORKS,   comprising
JU   "Hyperion," "Kavanagh," aud " Oatre-Mer."   Witt Eight
Illustrations by John Gilbert.w much grace, strength, and dignity lie In repose."