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Full text of "Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi"

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In One Volume, post 8vo, price 3s. 6d. cloth 'lettered,

"PDMUND BURKE; or, First Principles selected
-LU from his Works. With an Introductory Essay by ROBERT
MONTGOMERY, M.A., author of the " Christian Life," " God and
Man," &c. With Steel Portrait of Burke.

He read everything— lie saw

iples of morals— inculcated

and rendered delightful by the most sublime eloquence." — Lord JErskine.
" The greatest of political philosophers."— JfacMrfosA.

In One Volume, post 8vo, price 5s, cloth lettered,

J-     FRANCE, from the Commencement of the Reformation to

i |             the Present Time.    Translated from the Revised and Corrected

j J             Edition.

" Felice has chosen for his theme a subject in which the whole of Europe takes
a deep interest ; its importance is as great as any aeries of events which have had
an influence in shaping the destinies of Christendom. It is a book that ought to
secure for itself a place in the Library of every Protestant household m the

" We recommend this work to our readers as one of the most interesting of
Religious History that we have met with after Merle D'Aubignd's ' lieformti-
tion ;' and perhaps to the reading public generally, more interesting and more
novel than even that very popular work." — Atlas.

In One Volume, Pcap. 8vo, price 2s. cloth lettered,
TNFIDELITY: its Cause and Cure.    By DR. NELSON.

" The author of this striking work, wliieh has been blessed in bringing scores
of infidels to Christ, and of which nearly 100,000 copies have been circulated,
was eminent as an intelligent infidel physician, and then as an able minister of
Christ. ' He loved much, for he had much forgiven.' It has been well said of
this work, that ' after all the learned, eloquent, and argumentative treatises
which have been published on different branches of the Christian evidences,
something was still needed to excite curiosity, awaken attention, and stimulate
inquiry j something thatwould_ present striking facts to arrest the attention of
the indifferent and the sceptical.' Facts drawn from history, science, and
observation, are here placed in a strong and often startling light ; and there is
an earnestness, a personality, a warm life-blood of reality running through the
whole, which must strike every one on reading it,"

In One Volume, Pcap. 8vo, price 2s. 6d., cloth lettered,


O With a Memoir of his Life, hy MRS. POLLEN. A New Edition,
containing Letters addressed to Madame de Maintenon, now first

" These writings of Fenelon, so full of instruction and gentle rebuke, of the
tenderest love to man and the holiest love to God, should be accessible to all who
can read lite English language."

LONDON: G. BOUTLEDGE & 00., FAEBINGDON STBEET.professional friends were present, and a few