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This work is written with a view to its value not only to the founder, the moulder, the blast furnace-man, the chemist, and the engineer, but also to the designer, the draftsman, the pattern-maker, the college specialist, and all that may in any manner be desirous of obtaining a practical knowledge of cast iron in its application to founding or any allied interests. *
In compiling this volume, the author has been guided by a broad experience as a moulder and founder in loam, dry, and green sand work, in the various specialties of founding, all of which require a knowledge of the subject as a whole in order to arrive at correct conclusions on questions pertaining to cast iron.
A factor which has also aided the author in presenting this volume is that of being since 1892 surrounded, in his present foundry location, by blast furnaces, thus affording him every opportunity of making a close study of modern furnace methods and the principles involved in making iron. This has also enabled the author, as a foundryman, to determine wherein many principles involved in furnace practice can often be well utilized in constructing and operating cupolas, as well as in mixing iron.
* Preface to Third Edition is found on page xiii.ntraction vs. Strength  of Car,t   Iron,.........451