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In many respects this work will be found to be in advance of general practice, presenting many new subjects, principles, and ideas calculated to greatly broaden practical t literature upon the metallurgy of cast iron, but the author does not advocate any measures that have not been thoroughly tested by experience or a close study of-the subjects presented. While this work will be found largely the product of the author's own experience and research, he has also drawn upon the work of' others wherever, in his judgment, this could in any way prove of practical value in giving a completeness to the various subjects treated.
This work contains illustrations of valuable appliances which the author has originated and upon which he could have secured patents, but believing the advancement of founding best aided by their being given freely to any that desire to use them, all are at liberty to freely utilize the various improvements shown.
About a dozen of the chapters are revised extracts of papers which were presented by the author before the British. Iron and Steel Institute, the American vSociety of Mechanical Engineers, the American Institute of Mining Engineers, and the Eastern and Western Foundrymen's Associations. The leading trade papers of America and Europe are also to be credited with having given first publicity to some of the author's writings herein presented. Among those to be mentioned are the American Machinist, the Iron Age, the Iron Trade Review, and the Foundry  American publications; and Engineering, of London, The Engineer, of Glasgow, and other leading trade papers of Europe. To all these associations and trade Value, . 4>5