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papers the author tenders his thanks. The encouragement thus rendered has served to stimulate the completion of this work, which has taken about four years to compile, due to the experiments, research, etc., found necessary in order to advance the original information presented. The result has been to bring all the author's writings on the various subjects treated under one cover, giving to the reader an advantage that could not be otherwise obtained.
The first and second editions are divided into four parts (the third edition is divided into three parts, as explained in the foot-note), the first illustrating the principles involved in a general way in the making of iron, commencing with a very complete chapter on coke and its kin, iron ore, followed by a description of furnace methods and principles which can often be well applied to cupola practice.
The second part of the first and second editions treats of cupola practice, showing the latest improvements. It illustrates all the known methods for the application of "center blast," accompanied with information on cupola practice necessary to be used with the author's first two volumes to give a complete presentation of the subject up to date.*
The third part in the first and second editions (now the second part in the third edition) is devoted to instructions of chemistry in founding, and clearly illustrates the requirements of a wholly different practice
* The chapters on cupolas in the second part were all transferred to " Moulder's Text Book" after the publication of the second edition. This caused the third edition to be divided into three parts, as shown by Table of Contents, also Preface to Third Edition, page-xiii.                                                             .....and   Pourini;' Test liars......523