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than has been followed to about tin/ year 1X^5 by most founders, namely, of jnd^in:,;" ]>:;.-; iron for mixture by its fracture, a quality which ehenii -:rv 'has proven to be wholly impractical. It shows the fou;id.-r f- '!!,', im; such methods, why he cann* t expect toinn't \vi:h ftiu-r than bad, undesirable results as we!! as heavy 1* NS<-S. It teaches ho\v the greatest ]nssib!e ee*:;niiiv and desired ends in making unxturrs are :est aelrii-'/i-d. It also defines, for praetieal applii-ai in in liie varion:, specialties, the affinity whieh o!ie ehrjniea! |rop.-rty or metalloid has for another in ehan^L"!:^ file rliara^ter <*r g-rade of iron, atid diseloses yaluablt- information t.n thtfc seit*nee of mixing and nielti::;1, ea--! !'::.
The fonrtli ]ari"f tlie *ir^: a::d ".>.!;-;-;:: i-.y.s fn*\v the third part of th* tJiird ii:i':i> ; d",-.'!i-'l t flie snljcH't of testing, and ili^elo.-.i-;- new tii^v-'overirs inade by the author which explain e;mv.-s fur rrnttic rt*Mih*, herefnfire obtained fr the most part from tran*-verse aiul tensile tests, eontntrtion eJiill. i-te,p n-eordi-d from bars of like area poured from the s.imr ladle and gate, awl presents methods best raletil.ttrd |o reduee erratic results to the least possible mini* nnnii.
Following the sev<-ntifth ehapti-r (seventy-first ehap-ti;r, third 4/diljonj, the- work is eiuM-ii with a few tables and an index. The *r*'.t tabli k>u j'u ic ' \*r. *t l pi^* iron in 'r  % to.r, of ,  t p, r ' : ',"."+*! one to one h*.ndi* d t <n {1 ; *',*' i * ! / t , table of *\.|o | omid . ! i * < : f.   ' ,!  ', ^y I Tin-second table j ic teiit tl* t'.!! 'LUM  !  h pi op ertie.s in nii.*tult aeeoiupainrd uilh tl'ieir abbrt*via!i'ir or symbols as generally writtrn by , Is^ini'j^, Thf tables following arc copied from Mes.srs. ("rc-uirr andthods of Casting and Compilation <>i"  Result;1, of Amer-