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Full text of "Metallurgy Of Cast Iron"

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A comparison of this third edition with the two previous ones shows that this work has been extensively revised and enriched by the addition of much new matter on making-, mixing-, melting; and testing of cast iron, part of which constitutes twenty new chapters embodying researches, experiences, experiments, discoveries, and illustrations that have been secured by the author since the publication of the first edition in 1897. To provide space for this large addition of new matter thirteen chapters treating of cupola practice, published in the first two editions, have been transferred to the " Moulder's Text Book," leaving this work to the treatment of subjects more appropriate to its title, dividing the third edition into three parts instead of four, as in the first and second editions. For information on the special subjects treated in. this work, readers are referred to the preface of first and second editions which precedes this, and. also retained as originally written to assist in illustrating* the changes made in the third edition.
The author's original researches, experiments, and discoveries described in. this work involved, an outlay of much time and money, and he is indebted to a number of individuals for their valuable assistance in making chemical analyses, etc., and who have receivedst possible mini* nnnii.