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Xiv                      PREFACE   TO   THIRD   EDITION.                                             ^
proper credit throughout the work. The melting and physical testing was chiefly done by the author, or under his supervision, as he advocates that all investigators should do their own experimenting or other work as far as possible.
There are a few works, in almost all epochs, that are so original and in advance of the times in their treat-           A
ment  and advocacy of  new methods and  suggested            ]
improvements, that it requires a lapse of several years to test their utility. The sales of some never exceed their first edition, while others, by force of merit, live and are recognized as standards, receiving much credit for their utility and praise for the benefits they render. This work belongs to the latter class and has met with a success that is very gratifying, as the reforms and new-school practices of mixing metals, by utilizing chemistry, testing, etc., advanced by the author in the first two editions are to-day, 1901, adopted and highly praised by a large number of those interested in the making and use of cast iron. About 25 per cent. of our present founders still follow the old-school practices, and to further influence some toward an adoption of the methods advanced in this work the author is pleased to present the following extracts seen on the next two pages from a few of many testimonials tendered him during the year 1901.
SHARPSVILLE, PA., October, 1901.             TI-IOS.   D.   WEST.
Preannouncement of the issue of the third edition so rapidly exhausted it, that this fourth edition was found, necessary before trade papers, etc., could, announce and review the third edition.           THOS D W" "
SHARPSVILLE, PA., January, 1902.eir abbrt*via!i'ir or symbols as generally writtrn by , Is^ini'j^, Thf tables following arc copied from Mes.srs. ("rc-uirr andthods of Casting and Compilation <>i"  Result;1, of Amer-