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Mr. W. G. Scott, Metallurgist and Chemist for J. I. Case T. M. Company, Racine, Wis., and laboratories at Philadelphia, Chicago, and Milwaukee, says of '' Metallurgy of Cast Iron " : " Nearly every foundry-man has this work, and I believe that it has done more to advance the science of founding than any work ever published. Since the appearance of this book there has been a notable change in foundry practice. The number of firms now mixing by analyses is astonish-ing, and I think that its author is entitled to the credit of starting the greater part of them on the modern plan, i.e., chemical metallurgy. I cannot say too much in praise of this book.''
Mr. Frank L. Crobaugh, Proprietor and Expert, The Foimdrymen's Laboratory, Cleveland, O., and author "Methods of Chemical Analyses and Foundry Chemistry" says: " 'The Metallurgy of Cast Iron' has caused many advances in foundry practice, including the application of chemistry.''
Mr. Edgar S. Cook, President and General Manager of The Warwick Iron & Steel Co., Pottstown, Pa., says: " I frequently hear the most complimentary remarks in regard to the beneficial influence of Mr. West's papers, and especially with reference to his . ' Metallurgy of Cast Iron.' There is evidently a strong desire on the part of all interested in the subject, blastt in so doin^' endeavors (o carry alon^ tests of the r,'-inch bar also. The A. K. A. com-iuittec found tliat a bar as small as '-'"inch square or round was wholly unsuited to test any kind of iron, and hrncr totally ignored it in their recommendation, which was unanimously accepted by tin's national body, as staled above. It is to be iv.tjTetU'd that men of inexpenenee in the actual work of broad molding or founding may be led to adopt incorrect practices,s and chill attached to them. Thisanuary, 1902.eir abbrt*via!i'ir or symbols as generally writtrn by , Is^ini'j^, Thf tables following arc copied from Mes.srs. ("rc-uirr andthods of Casting and Compilation <>i"  Result;1, of Amer-