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XX                                           COMMENTS.       .                                                           ^
furnace managers as well as progressive foundrymen,.             l]
to arrive at some formula whereby guesswork may be'              |
replaced by certain  well determined facts,  and thus             J
afford   a   safe   foundation   for   scientific   methods  in             'j
foundry practice.     Mr. West's efforts in this direction              ['''•
are deserving of the widest recognition.''                                 (
Mr. E. H. Putnam, Foundry Superintendent, Moline,             ^
111., and editor of the foundry department of The Tradesman, Chattanooga, Tenn., in writing of <£ Metal-              "t
lurgy of Cast Iron '' says: "I am glad to attest my appreciation of its great practical value. It is unsur-              ;
passed   in   foundry  literature,   and  is  an   invaluable              ,:
adjunct to the foundryinan's library."
Mr.   Francis  Schumann,   the  first  president of the American   Foundry men's   Association,    says:   u The              V
foundry industry owes a lasting tribute to Thomas D. West for his efforts towards more comprehensive and               \
rational methods in its processes. Mr. West holds the singular position of , a foundryman engaged in the actual practice of his art, who, with ability, enthusi-               •
asm, and zeal in original research imparts the knowledge so obtained freely and without reward.    Much              J information is contained in his work of ' Metallurgy of              I Cast Iron ' which cannot fail to interest foundrymen              r and engineers, touching, as it does, upon every stage                 | from melting to the test bar.    The work is of a kind              |. that can come only from the practical founder about matters seldom found in print, because practical foun-               I dry men of Mr. West's attainments are, as yet, a rarity/"               v<»undrymen*:. Association's Test:".,    .   .       ... 539