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and permit this portion of the furnace brick-work to be exposed  to  the cooling influence of the atmosphere
as much as possible. It is at this part of the bosh and hearth that the lining is subjected to the greatest heat. Furnaces are contracted
at  the   hearth__
which   constitutes all that portion below the tuyere at B, mainly  to   aid  the blast   in   reaching the   center   more strongly and   causing   a   more   even distribution  of   its pressure    throughout the fuel, as well to save the lining.    Such a  form not only assists the blast  to  reach  the center,   but   the "batter "or bevel of such a bosh as shown assistsin supporting the weight of stock
FIGs.  6.
*,*.. v    vvwj..u.t   Ul    SLOCK
Charged, thus lessening pressure at the. tap hole, permitting the metal to be under better control, with less iability to cut the breast as the metal flows out to the
t; them than in lost iron.