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ating the bell, but the method used with the furnace shown is that of moving the beam S up and down by means of a piston D, which can be operated by steam or the blast pressure. The bell must be hung true, since, if one side should swing stock is admitted to lodge unevenly and and other evil-
lower than the other, when the the furnace, the charge would have a tendency to cause scaffolding results, similar to uneven charging of stock in a cupola. Where the bell and hopper are used for charging stock, the angle and diameter of each, as compared with the diameter of the furnace at its throat or stock line, have all to do with the form and position which stock assumes when dropped into it. The angle of the hopper influences that of the bell in determining the distribution and position of coarse and fine material, also the formation of the irregularities in mounds which a charge may assume, after being dropped by a bell into a furnace. It is                      FIG. 12,