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the tin will melt quickly and allow the phosphorus to diffuse through the metal. To prevent the fumes of phosphorus escaping through the upper end of the pipe a plii^ of iron should be driven into the pipe some distance to permit the insertion of the phosphorus. Where s e v e r a 1 sticks of phosphorus are best inserted in the metal at one time, a device as seen in Fitj£. 50 may often be used. After quickly inserting the sticks of phosphorus into the receptacle A, Fi^1. 50, they are permitted to remain a few seconds until dry and showing signs of i^'nitin^, after which the receptacle is tilted, gently to slide into the molten metal and held there until the phosphorus lias been absorbed. A plan followed by some to permit sticks of phosphorus bcinjr handled without danger of taking fire is, to first prepare the sticks by placing them in a dilute solution of sulphate of copper, or a few crystals of blue vitriol placed in water held in a stone jar, for a period of thirty minutes or so. This process deposits a coating of copper on the sticks of phosphorus, which permits A ' -i~; :—i^u=^-.tjy)
them to be handled without   //         j\
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danger   oi    taking   lire    as   u ^m   I       ia<;. 50.—KKTOKT
lon^sth,,,,,,,,,,-,,,.^^ i; I  -:;^;™Nr
not  disturbed.     In   ri-nrnv    .,.,„.„,„,„.,„.,„,„.„ „„. ;,„„„„, „„,,
illi»"     the    phoSphorUS    from   r<'t< »»t is made ti^ht with u ft-nu-iil <»l" .         .              .                   minrral   ])aint   mixed  to a stiff paste
the solution in the jar some with im.smioil. of tin about one-eighth of an inch thick to fit tightly into the end of the pipe. While introducing the end of the pipe into the molten metalthe  above  bars, described in Tables 31   andthe so-The philosophical explanation of this extraordinary effect i my opinion, to be found in the fact that the f erro-manganesu .»R. C. Hindiey, M. Hoskins, Harvard College, Havemeyer University, Henry Hiels Chemical Co., Isabella Furnace, Iron Gate Furnace, Iroquois Iron Co., Illinois Steel Co., Jefferson Iron Co., Kittan-ning Iron & Steel Co., C. A. Kelly Plow Co., Lebanon Furnace, Longdale Iron Co., Lackawanna Iron & Steel Co., Logan Iron........................   16,720     "                                     t-