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phorus had been added in the manner described. By using a hook as at P, to let the test specimens sink into a ladle of molten metal, it will be readily seen that both bodies H and K must be subjected to exactly the same conditions of heat, etc., in testing their fusi-
FIG.   51.
bility. By such a plan, if H melts down before K we have positive proof that H possesses a lower fusing point than K. The author has found this a very simple and inexpensive plan to test the fusion of mixtures, or the effect of any one of the metalloids on the fusibility of iron. Another good plan, devised and used by the author, is shown in Figs. 87 and 88, pages 416 and 417.5	2,00 r	.121	1.16	.068	.64	3-37	43	3.8o	5-7S9