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ored to obtain all particulars connected with its manufacture, but has found the process one of which the manufacturers do not, as yet, care to impart any knowledge. It is claimed the metal can be forged when heated and that there is no difficulty in obtaining sound castings, as is generally the case with strong metals. It is thought it will replace drop forgings in many instances. However, it is an advance for cast iron which still more strongly encourages the author in laboring to do his part in pressing it to the front in order to retain its supremacy as being.the world's metal, far excelling all others in combined tonnage for use in the mechanical arts.
To obtain a knowledge of the strength of other metals in comparison to cast iron, see Table 137, page 594.—SUMMARY   OK   TYPICAL   AMERICAN   FOUNDRY   IRON   TESTS. Taken with one square inch area test bars.