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necessary to he followed. As inciting progresses, the fuel around tlie sides of the pot will settle down. This must he replenished so as to keep the fuel about on the level with the top of the pot. To have it higher at the first would he an advantage. Judgment should be used not to fill in fuel when the pot is about ready to be pulled out, as this will tend to cool the metal and prevent the free use of the ton^s in i^rasp-in^1 the. pot to remove it from the furnace. A pot will settle more or less in the fuel and it may be necessary to lift it up several times so that the fuel from around the sides can settle ({own and raise the pot, after which the sides, of course, would require fresh fuel. In ehar^'in^" the iron, the pot may not hold all that is desired at the first filling. In such case, additional iron can be charged as fast as the solid m'lts down. The* crucible- will average about fort}'heats, if handled carefully. The least, moisture in a pot would cause it to crack in the fire. It must be thoroughly dry before bcim.;' used for a "ii<*al." A yj'ood practice I'M to place a crucible in an o\vn for several days before usin;.; if. While it is essential l< have th<* moisture all out of the pot, it is also well to never permit it to cool off suddenly. If after a heat the pot is set back in the fin* io cool down with it, its lift* will be* prolonged. Iron melted in a crucible will be found to possess a quiet appearance, and it is ^vmTally not so hot as coming from a cupola. In operating' either the cupola, or the crucible, only the best uf fuel should be used, and all work should be intelligently nianijmluU'u.ounders have had opportunity for experience in crucible work, we will detail more pointsbe found a cheap temporary arrangement for melting from fifty to one hundred pounds of iron,		Ferrochrom.