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large number of tests, and thai   with  a  weight of   ::,„,.
pounds  suspended   at   K   and  an   iron of about   i.rv,l;i
silicon, .050 sulphur, he has made a dit'feivnre of OIlr
quarter inch in  the  final   eonlraetion of  the   free  and
restrained bars, and is of the opinion that with higher
silicon, or a softer in»n. In* would
final stretching of trie  restrained
the free one over three-eighths
of pattern A   is one  ineh   by  o
and three feet   four  inches  long  over  all,   as   shown
by the cut at A, Fig. <>°, page .1/5.
Returning to the subject of strrtehing east iron, tin author will  cite  a  few   instances   ii founding that  will   further  assist   to  dmi existence of such a quality.     As ,n>( fact, I refer to the making of v.inr castings which   I   made  in   they«-a: land Rolling  Mill  Company's  i^ni
These were of a design requiriiu and when the patterns wen typed contraction of one-eighth ;: lowed for the castings. I had tit ad these castings when I was our dav the manager to explain to him v, ha! cause the castings (eopr as well as no larger than the patterns, whirl, had loss in other smaller eastings that woi;M !jav« to In-made over in order to eonvspoM'l in -.i. r j., ?h«- «!i!f« r-ent parts of the large pump easting. ffh« • in\ »•• f i'/aj ion simply resulted in showing that thr «!•*•.ij»nrrt ilr-ift--,-man and pattern-maker were all i^n^rant ».i' fl'M-qiiali ties which exist in east, iron, pi-nnittini-, if tobi- stretrhrti when cooling, after st*liiIiJit-at ion h%ls f.tkrn filar*-,