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THKKMAI.  TKSTS   F< >K   ' A l<   \\HlvH >.                         .f.j^
'he Master Car Builders* Association requires that ids should run for ;i period of fort v-ci^hs month** c^nl;ir service. Before tlu-y a.rr removed trom thr ntlrv they are subjected to a thrnnai and drop !e:,t, which purpose tw. wheels a.iv sehvteil i.y an i:i dor from every lot of one liinnlrrol. \V- raiui' t IM-J-describe the methotls *f ruirh tf-tini; than Sv an met of Mr. <i. \V. Ik'rbr's pajx-r in whi'li IK* 'ih.-!
(,\ I>. \- (>. Rv. testiinj-  stK' ions%   rt-.t   bfhrr
-             ,^,      j                   n    i
Western   Railway Club, and published in tin* /Vv; ult' I\t"vieii' of C)ctober 2, 1900.
 In making a thermal test, the test   whrH (>,<* f-'lr,,
must be laid down   in the  sand and a rhaitstriuay
inches wide au<I 4 inches deep moulded with i.;r-nt
d around the wliccL     The clraii irt-atl f th- whrrl
add form one side of 1 he diatUH'Iu'av and tlu*  rlrar
ii(c tin* bottom,     (It will br nott-d that thr width of
clh'innelway is  etptal   to   thr  bright   !'  !!i- Jlaii;;'1,
nt'ly  I1;-; itu'lies.)     Thr   chaniH-I\\ a \    nur-t   b-   lilictf
the   top   with   nioHrft   r.r;t   iron,   \\ hi h   -.ij*nld   br
irrd with  two  ladh-s  dirrctly in!*-* tin-  -h,uuH'h%-av.
r   molten   iron   insist   br  taken   h'^m   thr   bij,-   ladlr
ectly after a tap for pouring  tin- \\hr'!s h.js  b*rii
iwn  from the cupola.      Tin-  t'liannrh\',iy   wn->t   br
;/d with the rnoltt'ii 11*011 in n j;rr,itrr titnr than <
nute aftcT thr iron has bri/ii lakru from ihr bi;; ladlr,
ptiddlin^ or enolin^ tf tht*  \m\\   will !*   alsM\\rd
the  molten   iron   both  in  thr  ladlr-;  thr\   iiur,f   br
illi-d until all indicatinns of' bi!in>'t n-a1.* , hrf.tfr iljr
mnrlway is fillrcf.    Ilirlinn* whrii thr pomm-'r-r.r-,
jst be notc'd, and I wo niintJlr-,  latrr an   r\annn.tn4*nponds to '/o grammes,with thr<*e weights to -\n ^nimmes, and \-ith tour weights to ,|o grammes, the other scale division:, in Volume XXIII. of the              .*