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second, the next best in strength, and so on, the last Table being" the weakest iron.
The test of the gun metal, Table 89, page 460, showed the planed bars of a very coarse grain partaking of a fibrous nature, somewhat after a good grade of wrought iron, having a fracture of a dark color. The metal of the rough bars showed the fracture in the one-half-inch square bar to be strictly white and in the one-inch square test bars to be of a crystalline mottled nature, and in the rough one and one-eighth inch
Common rule measurement.
Kotitfli bars.
j... in. square.....
Broke at
in pounds.
Strength per siiuare
inch in pounds.
SSH     I, S,j i I, IK)      .!,.V«
T<",t bat-, lurnishcd ]>y Lewis Foundry iS: Ma. itinc Co., Pit tsbniy., J'a. Tr'.!*il at thr works of M.Vonwav & T<»tl<-y, I'itlsbuir,, I'a., |tnir r;th. is-i.}, by | U. Nau,, I'a. Witn«-s-,cd by K. <*.. <'.. Moldrtikr, lv M , I'Ji. I>.
diameter bars of a similar character, but to a little less degree than shown in the one-inch 'square bars. The large opcn-graincd bars, or those of numbers 3, -1, ;^ 9i ln an(^ l l-> illnst rated in Table «S<), were planed from the rnuz/.le disc of a, i.»-iiu'li mortar casting, and bars i, .\ o, 7, ,s, i .* and i ($ were cast with metal which was used to pour a lower base ring for a. i :*-inch spring return mortal' carriage. The charge of iron for the mortar was very much harder than that used for the base ring, but as it was cast in a veryil/% in. diam.	1.139 in.	.150 in.	3,320	3,258   ......