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grained, a little darker in color than the one and one-eighth inch bars, but both of the latter exhibit to an expert the appearance of great strength as being of exceptionally strong metal.
The iron in the car wheel, Table 91, page 462, shows the half-inch bars to be white and crystalline. In the one-inch square bar the iron is mottled, tending to white. In the one and one-eighth inch round rough bars the metal is more evenly mottled and less white than in the one-inch square. The one and one-eighth inch round turned bars show a very rich dark gray color. Bar No. 26 pulled tensile 23,270. This mixture proved to be an excellent iron.
6 X	Common rnlc inraHim-mcnt.	Microm't'r iu<sur<r-mcnl.	Dclk'C-tion.	Broke at in pounds.	Strength per inch in pounds.
	Kouj^h burs.				
>	f.,j in, square*.........	..V>4 	.ro.s HJ.	3H.J 42 >	r,4/)   3,040
.ii	"	 S'4 "	.!',  "		i,4'5    z.J7'>
	Rou^h bats.				
	j t n , MMturt* ..... , ....	fKi.j in.	. (<MI   JU.		
V*			. t      "	"M'/!!	?:;',';:; ::::::
	Roujh burn.				
1C				*ji ySfi	a,74S   ......
r;		 I4i "		'LV	*AM   ......
	Turnetl bur.				
3*	ij.i in. ttinm ..........	.us in.	,rji( in.	2,257	w?1   ......
.10	*                      M          ...........	,$M   "	'.w "	a'w	V..VU     ......
Trnt bniH lurnishrd by thr Wnlker MnnufuvturiiiK' Company, of Clcvclnud, Ohio. Trstcd by Thomiw I), Went, ul Ot<* T, I). Wt-Bt Houndry Co,, Sept. isth, jH<^. WitnrKMcit, Geo. II. Hoyd nn<l C M. Mcrllviu'n.
The iron in the above half-inch test bars presents a very close, compact grain, tending to white. Tin1 one-inch square bars show a close, dense fracture, tending to alight gray color. The one and one-eighth inch roundi8th, 1894. Witnesses, Geo. H. Boyd andG. M. Mcllvain.